English language "English Guru" complete guide to learn English language. Some people struggle but not get complete guide, so for those I bring this guide. It is strictly recommended to learn this guide everyday and improve your English speaking power easily. English Guru is a very popular book in Pakistan, the author of the book has shown his/her name as English Guru.

The author of this book write in Urdu Language because the begginer don't know to understand in English. He solve every side in easy language to understand more better. The writer mention some story and sentences and conversation to learn easy this course. The author said begginer and older both can read this book for better language and improve the knowledge for understanding this language. Mail, Female both can read to improve the speak of power. 

Some useful tips we personal put you. To learn English language make arrange the group with sms, schools in parks and when you play cricket or playing games use the work of english language, You will be gain well experience in some the days. because this is the relationship with learn about everything and make sure this work need the power group which you will create for yourself. 

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