English to Urdu Dictionary is the big problem for everyone because if we download the dictionary from everywhere they have allot of ads and it will linked to internet. So when you place a word the internet connection will be start the work and they will get allot of time. After sometime search dictionary will be find your word but the answer will be different. Therefore i hate to dictionaries but don't worry about that because my friend give a offline dictionary. I have checked and after check i suggest you to download this file to your android mobile and use it. 

The person who create this dictionary. He is a young and smart boy to manage the problem. once he know the problem about the translation English to Urdu translation. He decide that One day he will be create a well dictionary for those people who problem about this and he start the struggle and one day he success. Now that dictionary is available in PlayStore. So I gift you this dictionary to all of your reader's. Check this one from me and take a look,

Installation Instruction are Given Below

  1. Install QuickDic from Google Play store. 
  2. Download English > Urdu dictionary file.
  3. Unzip the file and get whatever is inside.
  4. Connect your Android device to PC.
  5. Find quickDic file folder in your device's SDcard, and put the file there.
  6. Start QuickDic and it will automatically find new dictionaries in the folder.
Use and Enjoy! (And you can use the dictionary both ways English to Urdu, Urdu to English. Just use button on the left side of search box labelled EN).

Quick Dictionary Official Website Link.

English to Urdu Convert Language Link


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