Muslim Pro is an Android app which is used for auto updates prayer timing. This is the most use software and become non payable app. The prayer time is changing daily and weekly but if you have installed it in your mobile you don't have worry about prayer timing because this is updating his status daily. Everything getting change in every field now the time is of android and software engineers. Where developers help us in every field and every time.

Muslim Pro Prayer Time Latest Version for Android

Muslim Pro and his Feather's

It's Help you all year, This software have many more feather's where prayer timing is first, Azan timing, and different voice of Azan voices. To use app need an internet connection to get updates of newest version and more option. Awesome Cards and Sharing option for your facebook status.

Qibla Tools help you find Qibla if you don't know which side is it. simply open it and you will be seen it.
Calendar tools are added in this application where you can see the days and month and date of the day.
Places option is show your location on the map and you can find every place which you want on it.

Also this android app have premium version if you want to it's premium services buy it from google play official website.
The Official Play Sore download link is given below. Hope you found this post helpful don't remember to say thanks.

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