Today I want to teach you about networking and client PC. Some people think how to connect with another computer and work on it. like your friend PC and your Personal Computer will connect. Long time ago friend face a problem in bank. He call to branch. His engineer tell him to download the Team Viewer and he control this system from branch online. When I know about this technology I shocked that there a software and we don't know about it, When I checked my PC. I found it in my PC also. So let come and know something about it.
Team Viewer Latest All in One

Team Viewer and It's Work

This application help you to connect another Computer with your PC. It's need to run and send the ID and Password to your friend. He will put that ID and Password in his PC Team Viewer and your Computer will be show in your friend Computer. You will that he Run your mouse and click on your computer. He will be fully authority to do everything which he want. If you don't wish that he use your computer then your will need to exit the Team Viewer.

How to download This tools

If you want to download this tools then you must visit the official page of Team Viewer. There are many websites where you can found this application but if you download from Official website that will be right. Official client updates tools every week and they extend their option and make it more advance. So download it from the below link
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