Now days everyone want a complete application which allow you to send and receive free calls and messages, send other files through one application. So this application bring all those option to make self star in the market. The application is free of coast no need any charges to download every one can use it free for lifetime. 

TxtMe is the 2nd release which is available in the market and the developer says in the conference that the company will bring feature in this messenger in future. The application have good rating in play store and downloads are very low because the app is new in the market they are adverising for it to bring it up. So everyone can use it with full feature. 
In my view the play store is the best platform for downloads and to bring it on the public smartphone so the decesion it to upload it on the playstore is very well platform.

So the download of the app is below to press download button go to googleplay and download it to your device. Also give rating and share it to get in touch with your friends.

TxtMe Download link


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