Make Money from Tipestry platform .

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This is the most azazing platform where you can get electronic currency for just simple task. In this platform if anyone like your post they will share some crypto currency with you. You can can bitcoin, etherium, doge coins, tipcoin & manymore. Here is how you can make it.

1. How to get money from tipestry?
Its very simple and easy just post your topics, images, through url links, and tipestry will give you cryptro currency for your posts. Dont worry you will get 100 percent crypto currency.

2. Tipestry with youtube.
Make a promotion video show tipestry logo and post on youtube channel share that link on tipestry and get big reward 100% foe your promotion video.

3. Tipestry facebook.
Make a detail post on facebook and share with public copuly that url and post on tipestry and get more big reward for your post.

4. Tipestrt viral.
If your any post get viral you will get amazing biggest crypto currency for your viral post.

Visit tipestry and earn free BitCoins, ETH, DogeCoins, TipCoin etc

Go and try.

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